What About John Piland?

My father, John Piland, and I were partners in a business called Piland Saddlery from 1985-1993. We made hundreds of saddles together and at one time had several others employed. There have been many saddles made under the brand:

Made by
San Angelo, TX.

In 1994 we split that partnership and I established a business under the name Tim Piland Custom Saddles . My father continued on in his business, Piland Saddlery until 2005, when he retired. 
On March 28, 2009 my Dad passed away. He was a devout Christian and we are glad in knowing that he is with his greatest love, Jesus Christ! We will miss him very much, but would not re-call him here for any reason. We, instead, look forward to the day we can join him there!
Read his obituary:     
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